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  • Tweet
    • Price:   Free
    • Version:  1.1.34
    • Developer:  developer
    • Category:  Social
    • Size:   3.37M
    • Release Date:  2016-11-23
    • Clicks:  24,760
    • Applicable Platforms:   01.00.0800, 01.09.1700, 01.00.0000, 01.04.1600, 01.00.0200, 01.07.1110, 01.04.1400, 01.00.0500, 01.08.1500, 01.07.1100, 01.04.1300, 01.04.1200, 01.00.0300, 01.00.0400, 01.05.0600, 01.03.0900, 01.06.0900, 01.04.1000, 01.03.0800, 01.03.0400, 01.09.1900, 01.04.1900, 01.04.0500, 01.04.1800, 01.04.0600, 01.00.1400, 01.03.0700, 01.00.0700, 01.01.0200, 01.01.0300, 01.10.2200, 01.01.0100, 01.09.2100, 01.01.0600, 01.02.0200, 01.09.2000, 01.03.0300, 01.04.2900, 01.01.0800, 01.01.0400, 01.01.0700
    • Applicable Devices:   NVF-1748ZT, PVH-3668ZT, PVH-3968ZT0K, NVF-0768ZT0Q, NVF-0868ZT, PVH-3968ZT0P, PVH-6048ZT, NVF-0768ZT, PVH-3668ZT0K, PVH-5348ZT, NVF-1948ZT, NVF-0568ZT, NVF-0468ZT, NVF-1848ZT, PVH-5558ZT, PVH-3768ZT, NVF-5458ZT, PVH-3968ZT, PVH-5248ZT, PVH-4068ZT
If you feel lonely on your trip, use Tweet! Get around and get socializing with those around you! 
Tweet is a third-party application developed on the basis of the original Twitter for your iAuto Device. You can use Tweet to connect with friends, discover popular topics and trends, find out about interesting activities, and “like” tweets at anytime, anywhere. Keep yourself informed with new feeds and get closer to celebrities, journalists, politicians, and other public figures. Additionally, you can use Tweet to: 
- Synchronize all of its information and show you a timeline of events. 
- Recommend news, friends and interesting topics to you. 
- Share interesting articles and news at any time from anywhere. 
- Receive the latest news from your followers. 
- Find and recommend activities you are interested in to further develop your social life. 
New Features
What’s New
-Adaption to large screen
-Minor bugfix
-Performance optimization

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