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  • iFoursquare
    • Price:   Free
    • Version:  2.1.66
    • Developer:  developer
    • Category:  Social
    • Size:   3.51M
    • Release Date:  2016-11-23
    • Clicks:  74,112
    • Applicable Platforms:   01.00.0800, 01.09.1700, 01.00.0000, 01.04.1600, 01.00.0200, 01.07.1110, 01.04.1400, 01.00.0500, 01.08.1500, 01.07.1100, 01.04.1300, 01.04.1200, 01.00.0300, 01.00.0400, 01.05.0600, 01.03.0900, 01.06.0900, 01.04.1000, 01.03.0800, 01.03.0400, 01.09.1900, 01.04.1900, 01.04.0500, 01.04.1800, 01.04.0600, 01.00.1400, 01.03.0700, 01.00.0700, 01.01.0200, 01.01.0300, 01.10.2200, 01.01.0100, 01.09.2100, 01.01.0600, 01.02.0200, 01.09.2000, 01.03.0300, 01.04.2900, 01.01.0800, 01.01.0400, 01.01.0700
    • Applicable Devices:   NVF-1748ZT, PVH-3668ZT, PVH-3968ZT0K, NVF-0768ZT0Q, NVF-0868ZT, PVH-3968ZT0P, PVH-6048ZT, NVF-0768ZT, PVH-3668ZT0K, PVH-5348ZT, NVF-1948ZT, NVF-0568ZT, NVF-0468ZT, NVF-1848ZT, PVH-5558ZT, PVH-3768ZT, NVF-5458ZT, PVH-3968ZT, PVH-5248ZT, PVH-4068ZT
Are you new to the city? Want to find a good sushi restaurant? What’s the best coffee shop in the city? Want to start taking Chinese language lessons, but don’t know where? It’s easy with iFoursquare app! 
iFoursquare is an amazing application developed on the basis of Foursquare for your iAuto Device. You can search for restaurants, coffee shops, nightlife, sights, outdoor activities, entertainment centers and more! No matter where you are, iFoursquare does all these for you. Read the reviews and decide for yourself if the place is right for you. Additionally, with iFoursquare, you can: 
- Check in and share your comments about places you have visited. 
- View the infinite amount of information and choices. 
- Explore with iFoursquare due to the easy-to-use interface. 
- Share address information which can be sent to Navi App. 
- Use air gestures to operate. 
New Features
What’s New
-Adaption to large screen
-Fixed some errors and bugs
-Stability enhancement and performance improvement

Thanks for using iFoursquare
Download the latest version to experience all the available features.
iFoursquare has rearmed for your life!
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