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  • Weather
    • Price:   Free
    • Version:  1.2.13
    • Developer:  developer
    • Category:  Lifestyle
    • Size:   6.95M
    • Release Date:  2016-11-23
    • Clicks:  35,307
    • Applicable Platforms:   01.00.0800, 01.09.1700, 01.00.0000, 01.04.1600, 01.00.0200, 01.07.1110, 01.04.1400, 01.00.0500, 01.08.1500, 01.07.1100, 01.04.1300, 01.04.1200, 01.00.0300, 01.00.0400, 01.05.0600, 01.03.0900, 01.06.0900, 01.04.1000, 01.03.0800, 01.03.0400, 01.09.1900, 01.04.1900, 01.04.0500, 01.04.1800, 01.04.0600, 01.00.1400, 01.03.0700, 01.00.0700, 01.01.0200, 01.01.0300, 01.10.2200, 01.01.0100, 01.09.2100, 01.01.0600, 01.02.0200, 01.09.2000, 01.03.0300, 01.01.0800, 01.01.0400, 01.01.0700
    • Applicable Devices:   NVF-1748ZT, PVH-3668ZT, NVF-0868ZT, PVH-6048ZT, NVF-0768ZT, PVH-3668ZT0K, PVH-5348ZT, NVF-1948ZT, NVF-0568ZT, NVF-0468ZT, NVF-1848ZT, PVH-5558ZT, PVH-3768ZT, NVF-5458ZT, PVH-3968ZT, PVH-5248ZT, PVH-4068ZT
Weather app keeps you informed of the latest weather forecast. It provides a five-day forecast with worldwide weather information. So you can arrange your plans, journeys, and social schedules quite easily. Not only that, Weather will definitely contribute to your great life experiences due to its accuracy. Weather has been designed to be simple and enjoyable while getting access to accurate weather information. 

Weather offers you these features: 
- Display a five-day weather forecast and weather status from time to time, informing you about the latest temperatures and forecasts of snow, rain, mist, and other weather conditions for locations worldwide. 
- Accurate weather forecasts and customized locations. 

Please note Weather functionality may be unstable in some country/area due to unstable connectivity to OpenWeather api server. 
New Features
What’s New
-Adaption to large screen
-Fixed several bugs
-Performance optimization

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